The everyday journey 

The everyday is a blog post of my life. I want to relate to the fellow people through this journey of my own life. You have to let go of the past because everyday regret can tare you down. It doesnt mean go out and be a bad person or hurt people, it means strive to live a fulfilling life. What is fulfilling some may ask, that is all a question of every person. What is the meaning to life, some people do such great things but then others like us struggle to find our reason. We wonder why are we put on this earth if you make a difference. but the real difference is the small things for people, being that person to say “hi, how are you?” to someone with a frown and give a shit about what their saying  makes a huge difference to that person. Being someone who helps people is human nature and being someone who changes peoples lives everyday, like taylor swift.  You probably never think of the small things like that mean something but like your favortie song, you can put smiles on faces to. Always be friendly and respectful because why be an asshole. Who does it really help? 

We all know being the asshole is fun but it only feeds your own problems. When you bully most of the time it is just a screen right through to how you feel. I learned this in reading many books through my therapy for self discovery, I was lost in this world as someone who treated people badly. You only learn through your mistakes and mistakes taught me more then any book. I have hurt more people then I have helped in this life but slowly I will become someone true of heart and helping fellow people. We all have goals but mine are simple. 

1. Be a good person. To everyone, and animals. 

2. Treat everybody equally no matter what.

3. Help put a smile on peoples faces and see the greatness of living.

Hope everyone likes my first blog post. Please comment if possible to help me grow on my creative wirting skills to become someone who can teach through word!!


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